3 Steps to Balance

I’m always trying out new ideas, tweaking my usual tools, experimenting with different ways of practicing mindfulness and ways to be present, to regulate, to stay in balance.

Just like everything else in life, we change, are inspired by others, perhaps read something new that resonates, as we grow and work out what works for us and what doesn’t.

I thought I’d share something I’ve developed that I’m using right now when I feel a little dysregulated and out of balance.

It feels really helpful and effective for me right now, so maybe it will for you too. If not, just ditch it – no hard feelings!


So what do I do?

Firstly, I NOTICE that that I’m feeling a little out of balance. Sometimes it’s obvious; a bigger thing is happening, sometimes it’s just a tiny shift.

I like to call it a feeling of ‘ickiness’. Something doesn’t sit quite right, I feel out of alignment somehow, there’s tension or unease in my body, usually accompanying unhelpful, automatic thoughts.

After the noticing, I deliberately STOP what I’m doing and:


  1. Ground
  • feeling the weight of my feet on the floor & bum on the chair (if I’m sitting)
  • tuning into the sensations of my breath, following my inhale and my exhale.
  • grounding to become present and in my body – getting out of my head.


  1. Bring to mind the ‘icky’ issue(s)
  •  What’s the issue that’s making me feel out of alignment? (As ickiness is usually caused by thoughts about something/someone).
  • I explore it as an observer, distancing myself from it, investigating it gently, with curiosity.
  • While trying not to ‘fix’ it or get caught up in its story (sometimes that’s not possible, if the issue is very acute or raw).


3. Practice gratitude

  •  Bringing to mind something /someone/a situation I’m grateful for.
  • Noticing where and how I feel that in my body (thoughts always have a physical response eg a tingling, warmth, tension, impulse)
  • Staying with the sensation(s), embodying them, allowing them to ripple out
  • Doing this to deliberately change & raise my vibration and energy


I spend as long as feels good &/or have available at each step


Embodying the energy of gratitude is a gamechanger. Gratitude releases chemicals in our bodies that makes us feel good. We can use it to consciously and deliberately change our state.

However, when something is icky, we can’t just skip over the ickiness and jump to gratitude. That can feel superficial or avoidant. We first need to ‘visit’ the icky issue – without having to address or solve it in the moment. Acknowledgement of it is enough, before we move to gratitude.


It is always possible to stop and to choose to respond differently to life – whatever it looks like and however many times we need to adjust. Moment by moment, the energy we embody and send out is always our choice.

And it’s a practice, not a fix or a pill! But the more we practice, the quicker we are at noticing when we’re out of alignment and the more deliberate and efficient we become at coming back into balance – or moving towards the direction of balance, if that’s all that’s possible in that moment.

I’d love to hear what you think. Whether this works for you? Or what practices do you use?



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